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In the United States, employers workers and laborers are protected by a complex series of laws and regulations. Unfortunately, many are unaware of their rights in the workplace; some get grossly taken advantage of, and others are mistreated without realizing that they have legal recourses at their disposal. It is critical to be aware of your rights, to protect them – and to seek the assistance of qualified legal counsel when you are unable to do so on your own. Be empowered with Spencer Scott Attorneys on your side.

On the other hand, even the most conscientious employer occasionally needs help from a lawyer. Although you can handle many employment matters on your own, some issues are particularly tricky and will require some legal expertise.

Employment law can change rapidly. Courts and government agencies issue new opinions interpreting these laws every day, sometimes completely overturning what the law meant yesterday. When you also factor in that lawsuits brought by former employees can end in huge damages awards against the employer, it’s easy to see why you should seek legal advice when you get in over your head. However, you don’t need to talk to a lawyer every time you evaluate, discipline, or even fire a worker.

The trick is to figure out which situations require some expert help and which you can handle on your own. That’s why employers need a partner like Spencer Scott on thier side. We help employers define and identify risk before it happens, resulting in fair and responsible representation when it matters most.



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