One of the most important things that a person or business can do to protect themselves from future disputes is to have an attorney review all contracts before they are signed. Spencer Scott has experience reviewing all types of contracts from leases, buy-sell agreements, loan documents including personal guaranties, franchise agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, construction contracts, purchase contracts and all other agreements that contain promises to perform or to refrain from performing. The cost of a contract review can save you a significant amount of money, heartache and aggravation should a future dispute arise.

The contract review attorneys at Spencer Scott are all experienced litigators. We know well where potential areas of conflict arise and how to avoid these traps and pitfalls. We know how courts in the state of Texas in particular will construe certain contractual provisions and can advise you of clauses that are important for you to have in the contract. Read our bios here.

We have litigated large, expensive cases that could have been avoided had our client h ad us review the contract before signing. Let us help you avoid these traps and insure that you understand every clause before you sign.

From personal guarantees to contracts for major international companies, Spencer Scott, pllc ensures that its clients’ rights are protected and that the client fully understands the liabilities and obligations being assumed. The legal impact of some clauses in contracts can be difficult to understand or can have far-reaching legal implications, beyond the plain English of the words used. Spencer Scott pllc has experience in the negotiation of contracts for individuals and businesses, and the review and revision of the contracts proffered by the other contracting party.