Common Unpaid Overtime Scenarios

Common unpaid overtime scenarios:

  • You work “off the clock” whether you are told to not clock in or clock out and continue working.
  • You are not allowed to record accurate hours.
  • You are not paid for all training time.
  • You are not paid for pre-shift or post-shift work even though it is necessary to perform your job.
  • You are not paid for hours worked at home or away from your employer’s place of business.
  • You are required to take time off work in the future rather than receive overtime pay now.
  • You work through lunch, but are not paid for the lunch period.
  • You are not paid for breaks.
  • You are forced to work over 40 hours for straight-time pay to “make up” for any week you worked less than 40 hours.
  • You are forced to execute a written waiver of full payment for overtime hours in exchange for immediate partial payment.
  • You work in more than one position for your employer and the employer calculates your work hours separately for each position (rather than adding together the hours worked from each position).
  • You are not being paid for time spent on required work-related driving (excluding daily commute time).

If you believe that your current or former employer has violated the law by failing to pay you overtime wages at the appropriate overtime pay rate, please contact  the lawyers  at Spencer Scott pllc for a free consultation and evaluation of your personal employment law claims.